Recycle-Motion is going to just 1 step! Area residents can soon stop sorting recyclables into separate bins. As of January 1, 2015, recycling will get easier and more efficient for communities served by Mid Michigan Waste Authority.

MMWA’s curbside residential recycling program has been upgraded to include more materials and eliminate sorting requirements. Residents will now be able to recycle all of their plastic, metal, glass, paper, chipboard and cardboard in one container, no sorting needed. The expanded Recycle-Motion program will accept all plastics #1 through #7, with the exception of expanded plastic #6 foam products. Those items; packing peanuts, packaging foam, still need to be disposed of in the trash.

Curbside Recycling Program Changes

Sorting Eliminated

No more separating paper goods from containers

All allowed recyclables can be mixed together in the same container(s)

Plastics Expanded

All plastics, #1 – #7, now allowed to be recycled

Exclusion remains for foam-style plastic #6 (Styrofoam, packing peanuts)

Large non-packaging plastic and metal items still not allowed

large plastic ride-on or playground toys

metal car parts

unclean plant pots

Official Recycling Bin(s) Not Required – Make Your Own

Residents no longer need to set out at least one official recycling bin

Recycling bins may still be used if residents choose

MMWA will promote the use of any 33 gallon or smaller container/can(s)

Non recycling bin containers need to be marked or stickered in some way:

Recyclables Only sticker (from MMWA or member community); or large letter “R”  on can

There are a number of advantages to the new recycling program. Eliminating sorting between several bins and allowing all plastics to be recycled makes recycling one easy step. Making recycling simple has been shown to boost recycling participation and result in more recyclables getting to the curb, decreasing the amount of material bound for the landfill.

While residents may still use official recycling bins from their community, MMWA will encourage residents to swap their bin(s) for 33 gallon or smaller containers, with almost double the capacity of a recycling bin, to hold more material, and also save space in their homes and garages. To use a 33-gallon container as a recycling can, residents should affix a “Recyclables Only” sticker to it or, paint or permanent marker a large letter “R” on the front. “Recyclables Only” stickers are available at municipal offices or through MMWA.